By Jeffra Hays

Copyright 2011 Jeffra Hays

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Strike on ferry, indeed.

Benjamin Holman did not like to be fooled. He pushed his straw hat back, and his half glasses up into the notch of his great wet nose and referred to Your South Indian Tour Book.

Hannah counted the taxis waiting outside their hotel lobby. “Benny? Maybe we could…”

“Look here.” Benny pulled Hannah toward him. A smiling, smoking Indian watched from his autorickshaw as Benny returned to his book.

Stepping behind her husband, Hannah folded her rosy hibiscus hat down onto her forehead to wipe her eyes with the brim. She peered from behind him at the timetable, flung perspiration from both her chins and set them, still dripping, on his shoulder.

“Fare eight rupees.” Benny’s thumb guided her down the schedule. “Daily every half hour including Sunday. What would Sunday mean here, anyway? Let’s walk to the pier. There must be some departure information. A strike? Next thing you know he’ll just happen to have a boat.”

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