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Without Regret: A Pyte/Sentinel Novel #2

Tall, Dark & Heartless: A Pyte/Sentinel Novel #3

A Humble Heart: A Hollywood Heart Novel #1

Sudden Response: An EMS Novel #1

This book is dedicated to Lieve Van den Heuvel, who showed me what good chocolate really taste like.

As always a special thank you to Rhonda Valverde and all my forum buddies at

And of course to my children who will always be my inspiration and my little buddies.

I love you, Kayley and Shane....

even if you do frighten me from time to time.

A Reclusive Heart: A Hollywood Heart's novel

Chapter 1

"On behalf of Rerum Publishing House," Rick said, holding his glass of champagne up high. "I would like to congratulate our guests of honor on their five year anniversary!"

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