Jessie’s Dream Snake

Written by
Jamie Horn Preyer

Copyright 2011, Jamie Horn Preyer

All rights reserved.

Smashwords Edition

Dedicated to my children and the pets they have loved.

Table of Contents

ONE – Daydreams

TWO – Birthday Wish Denied

THREE – The Forbidden Gift

FOUR – Secret Conversation

FIVE – Life With Rattler

SIX – Uncle Floyd Gets A Job

SEVEN – Crime Doesn’t Pay

EIGHT – Show & Tell

NINE – Jessie Visits Uncle Floyd

TEN – Jessie Proves A Point

ELEVEN – Kristen’s Revenge

TWELVE – A Guilty Conscience

THIRTEEN – The Search Continues

FOURTEEN – Poor Rattler

FIFTEEN – Nightmares!

SIXEEN – Truce

SEVENTEEN – Thank Heavens For Happy Endings


Jessie, an 11 year old tomboy with short curly hair; dressed in jeans, boots, western shirt and cowboy hat, stood with gun belt around her hips. Her hands gently rubbed the rattle snakes that were carved into the gun’s handles.

A crowd gathered around to watch a gunfight between Jessie and Cactus Carl; an old outlaw with long gray hair. He wore an overcoat and a mustache. Dust flew through the air.

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