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Chapter 13: The Wedding of the Galaxy

A Reader’s Guide to the Empire


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Chapter 1: Final Exam

The man stood in the darkened room, nervously awaiting the events to come. His compact body, product of a high-gravity world, was clad in a skin-tight bodysuit that allowed maximum freedom of movement. He’d spent the past four months preparing for this moment, and now all his acquired knowledge would be put to the ultimate test. For better or worse, the outcome of this trial would affect the rest of his career. His lips were dry, no matter how often he extended his tongue to moisten them.

Suddenly a bright light shone straight into his eyes. Even as he blinked, some instinct told him he was an easy target standing up here in the glare. Without even knowing where he was going, he crouched and sprang forward in the direction of the light. As he did so, he heard the buzzing sound of a stinger, but felt none of the effects. Had he remained where he was, the test would have been over the instant it had begun.

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