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Name Deleted

Raymond Daley

Copyright 16/09/2002 by Raymond Daley

Smashwords Edition



PRISONER is sitting on a rectangular bunk in a cell; the cell is an 8-foot cube. The walls are a light grey, there's a strip light recessed into the centre of the ceiling. It lights the whole room, it's quite bright so there isn't much shadow in the room. The door is in the foreground, on the left-hand side.

The bunk is in the background, set into the right wall, so PRISONER'S head is touching the right corner wall. Unless written as otherwise, all PRISONER'S lines are spoken as narrative. When the CENSOR speaks, it is as a voice off-camera, to drown out what PRISONER is saying. PRISONER is wearing a grey one-piece tunic, a few shades darker than the colour of the cell.


I've been sitting in this cell for nine days now. What did I do? They must have detected some violation against the codes.

I couldn't even begin to guess what I might have done.

PRISONER has been sitting on the bunk while saying this.

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