Nursery Crimes

Raymond Daley

Copyright 18/9/11 by Raymond Daley

Smashwords Edition

As with any crime, it's always on the news long before the police are ever called. The death of a solid upstanding citizen, a well known philanthropist and friend to all charities. The very definition of a good egg.

Dispatch are sending me, I'm a Detective.

My name is Jack. But more about me later.

On our TV the news cameras are showing shots of the military who were already there, the reporter is shouting above the noise behind her.

"We've been informed by the Ministry of Defence that all the cavalry and all the infantry have responded to the scene of this emergency, as yet its unknown why there is such a big military presence here. Rumours are already circulating that the victim was friends with our own Sovereign."

She struggles to continue to make herself heard over the chaos behind her as I make my way out of the squad house via the parking garage and floor it all the way to the scene.

I'm there in minutes.

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