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The Wipeboard

Raymond Daley

Copyright 17/11/11 by Raymond Daley

Smashwords Edition

On the wall it was just a wipeboard. Just a wipeboard full of shapes linked by lines, some directional arrows and a smattering of hand written text. The person who originally wrote it was now long dead, part of history. No name was on it, the creator had been lost in the annals of time and infamy.

It was probably a good job that name had been lost, it'd have been another Hitler, another Bin Laden, a name hated and despised globally for their legacy. Mister or Mrs Unknown had created the flowchart, for what was the content of the wipeboard. It HAD been a wipeboard, now it was just a board.

At some point someone had taken the time to cover the board with an impermeable clear covering to protect what was written on it.

Everyone knew about the wipeboard, even those who couldn't read. Some people had gone out of their way to make it part of the worlds remaining oral history.

In the war against the machines the creator of this flowchart was either a god or the devil.

The devil to humanity but God to the machines as the flowchart had been a working concept for potential artificial intelligence.

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