Summer Jazz

Peggy Webb

Copyright 2011 Peggy Webb

Cover art copyright 2011 Marc Fletcher

Publishing History/Bantam Loveswept

Copyright 1987 Peggy Webb

All rights reserved

Smashwords Edition


“Mattie’s back in town.”

Hunter Chadwick pretended he hadn’t heard. He leaned closer to the tin soldier in his hand, turning it this way and that, inspecting the painted face, the miniature sword. But he wasn’t really seeing the toy; he was looking backward in time, recapturing a summer ten years ago, a sultry summer of sea and sunshine and jazz. A summer of Mattie.

The voice of his toy designer continued on, providing singsong accompaniment to Hunter’s thoughts. “Her granddaddy says she’s a regular hellcat. Out all night, partying till Lord knows when, bringing in a parade of men that would make your head swim just to keep up with the count. She’s got quite a reputation, that girl. Earned it in Paris, I guess. Remember that scandal about...?”

Hunter nodded absently, but he wasn’t remembering a scandal. He was remembering Mattie at eighteen, her hair wet from the sea and her long, tanned legs sugared with sand. He was remembering the way the sunshine brought out the amber in her green eyes. Cat’s eyes, he used to call them. And how she had hated that! She would rail against him, calling him a spoiled rich boy, a lazy ne’er-do-well.

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