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“In the magic play of personal development, Aliyah Marr teaches us how to fully embrace our deepest desires and dreams.” —Marc Zegans, creative development advisor

“This book has a beautiful voice. It is encouraging, gentle, and kind. It speaks to you like a good friend. It’s about opening your mind to become the creative person that exists in each of us.

... this book goes deeper into the heart of creativity. It goes into the fundamental mind-set that drives creativity. Once you master this, then you can use the tools like an artist... But the real value is in the profound wisdom about how people unfold into being creative. I found this to be one of those rare books that deserves to be kept and cherished. I strongly recommend this book. It belongs in any personal library.” —Steve Kaye, IAF Certified Professional Facilitator,

“For those with a vague awareness that something is missing in their lives, Aliyah makes a compelling case that personal change is possible, and the rewards immeasurable, that joy and abundance is a nano-second away. Ms. Marr isn’t asking you to get to work—she’s inviting you to come out and play. Who wouldn’t want to join her?” —Thornton Sully, editor-in-chief, A Word With You Press

“Aliyah Marr’s book goes directly to the heart of the creative experience. She leads the reader to the boundary of un-patterned and habitual thought—pure creativity. Aliyah explores many of the different roads and perspectives to inspire your most creative self into being.” —Peter Avedisian, Zen Machine,

“This book moves beyond ideas and concepts found in other self-help books. In a refreshing way, the author presents steps for you to take to unlock the joy you were born with and should be feeling every day. Essentially she’s saying; if you aren’t happy you can train yourself to fix that, you were born with all the tools you need, now its time to unlock your potential. By using creativity you can unlock and discover abundance in all the good things life has to offer.” —Mark Ninci

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