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Two Shaky Towers

by Joe Blow

Smashwords Edition published by Aussiescribbler
Copyright 2011 Aussiescribbler

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Cover illustration : fraenks

Two Shaky Towers

Once upon a time there was a peaceful village built on a wide expanse of flat land between a huge lake and an equally huge forest. On one side of it all you could see was the lake, stretching away to the horizon, and on the other side trees stood tall and green all the way to a row of hills against the sky.

The people of the village drank water and ate fish from the lake and ate the fruits of the forest, and they were relatively contented with their lives.

One day one of the villagers spat out a seed, from a piece of fruit he was eating, into a small puddle next to the lake. Nobody paid any attention to it until they noticed a couple of weeks later that a small tree was growing up in that spot.

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