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 Cover photo courtesy of Frykman Studio Gallery, Sister Bay, Wisconsin.

Editing, formatting and cover design by Harvey Stanbrough.

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A Summer Out of Time

Larry Long

Chapter One

Toby had a tummy full of fried chicken and a mind's eye full of Mary Beth Wolcott. His mission that lazy summer Sunday afternoon was to lie back and luxuriate in both.

With a gentle "bump-bump" his Schwinn passed from the concrete Blue River street onto the graveled county road leading to his secret place. Next Sunday I'll bring Mary Beth out here. He pedaled faster, inviting the breeze to heighten his senses.

At the movie theater the night before he and Mary Beth had started kissing just after the feature began and were into heavy petting by its end. As they left, neither knew much about the film but both were certain what they wanted next.

The trouble was they had no place to do it. The customary venue for intimacy between teenagers was a car, but neither Toby nor Beth had access to one. Their parents made sure they didn't. Toby grinned. But how can they say no to a bike ride in the country?

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