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Bitch, she knew full well he loathed her guts. If it weren't for the kids...

Jared sighed. The kids. David and Cody were the lights of his life and the only reason he'd ever married this gold-digging bitch. He'd never expected to have kids, not after he'd turned twelve and realized-

"Are you listening to me at all, Jared?" the bitch shrilled.

"Of course I'm listening," Jared lied. "But why should I bother responding to demands for luxuries we can't afford?"

"Luxuries?" she screeched. "But we can afford the 'luxuries' of David's new braces?"

Jared tried to bite his tongue, really he did. "There is a difference between worthless, horrifically expensive jewelry and the equipment necessary to straighten our son's teeth!" he ground out evenly.

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