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White Flag of the Dead

White Flag of the Dead

Book IV: United States of the Dead

By Joseph Talluto

Copyright Joseph Talluto 2012

Smashwords Edition

Chapter 1

Major Ken Thorton looked at the bodies of two of his men swinging gently in the breeze. They had been hung upside down and left just high enough so the zombies couldn’t get them.

Thorton and his men had reached the rendezvous point later than expected, but they certainly had not thought to see something like this. The men did not know what had happened, all they knew was what was in front of them. Ten men had been dispatched to ambush John Talon and all were missing save the two hanging like grim piñatas.

Ken was pissed, through and through. Two of his men were trussed up like pigs to slaughter and the rest were undoubtedly dead. Talon was proving to be a worthy adversary and a royal pain in the ass. Even the thought of Talon’s family being murdered was small consolation in the face of losing a third of his men.

Thorton clenched and unclenched his massive fists as he took in the wounds of the two men. Milovich had been stabbed, then shot. That was obvious. Kazinski showed signs of a fight and massive trauma to his eye. It was very clear how he died.

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