Once Upon A Twinkle

By Mayassa AL-Tajir

Copywrite belongs to Mayassa AL-Tajir 2011

Published by Smashwords

One hundred years of Beauty

Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom, there lived a beautiful stage girl. She was so famous for her acting that even townsfolk from the other Kingdoms knew of her great beauty. Every night the curtain would go up and the beautiful girl would perform. She loved acting, all she ever wanted to do was make people smile, and she loved nothing more then hearing the applause at the end of each show.

As time went by, the young girl began to grow into an even more beautiful woman. In fact, the towns’ folk decided that they would all call her Splendor, because there was no other woman in the whole town who was as lovely. One day, Duke the stage manager and owner of the theatre told Splendor that she could no longer play the role of a young girl anymore, she was simply just too grown up now, and would have to take on the role of a young lady.

Splendor was very concerned with this. She had been performing since she was a child, and had not noticed time passing “Oh dear!” she said as she gazed into the mirror, “Have I really grown so much? One day I shall be too old to perform any roles at all, and my great beauty shall fade”. That night, Splendor did not perform to her usual standards. She felt sad, and could think of nothing else except growing old.

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