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Anywhere, Anywhen

Stories of Tomorrow

“The stories are well-written, deeply thought out and a pleasure to read.” —Sunday Advocate, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

“The stories deal with tomorrow, but also with people.” —The Oregonian, Portland, Oregon

“A interesting look at what it might mean to grow up in tomorrow’s world.” —Children’s Books of the Year, Child Study Press, New York

“For nonfans as well as readers of science fiction. . .. Robert Pierik portrays a technically oriented society in which persons showing artistic talent are routinely reconditioned mentally. Rick Roberson . . . contributes a tale about contact between space explorers and a more primitive society that wants to develop in its own way; and Engdahl, writing in collaboration with Mildred Butler, explores an intriguing use of time travel.” —Booklist

“Carol Farley’s ‘The DILOPs are Coming’ focuses on a young girl who encounters the caution of an anxious and overprotective mother while seeking to find her niche in an adult world. . . . Certainly one of the better stories in the collection, ‘The Mooncup’ by Shirley Rousseau Murphy, describes the meeting of two young people from different planets and cultures who are both gifted with the power of thought transmission.” —The World of Children’s Books, University of Alberta

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