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Unbeknownst to Marvin, the family cat had wandered over to greet the suspicious looking young man, all the while cautiously surveying the situation. Marvin bent down to pet the circling feline. Job, in all his infinite wisdom, responded favorably to the young man's gentle touch by belting out a rousing purr. Over Job's soliloquy, Marvin could faintly detect a noise coming from the dining room window. The dining room window was on the first floor, directly beneath D'zynthia's window. Panic-stricken, both of them froze for fear that movement might reveal them.

Then, suddenly, the dining room window opened and D'zynthia whispered out to the frightened boy. "Don't worry, it's just me."

Enthused by her majestic sight, Marvin imagined D'zynthia as his beautiful heroine, who was being held captive in a heavily guarded fortress. Almost certain of her location, he advanced amidst a steady bombardment, finding it necessary to dive to each side to avoid incoming mortars, as he fought his way to her. The battle was far too atrocious for the cat, and it was later court marshaled for desertion. Marvin, undaunted by Job's cowardice retreat, fought on through the stream of bullets. Up ahead, approximately three or four feet away, Marvin, with binoculars in hand, could make out the image of D'zynthia, the woman the whole war was fought over. At the expense of a few exploding mine detector soldiers, God rest their souls, Marvin made it the rest of the way. Then he knelt at the window, in the cover of D'zynthia's eyes, dismissing his surviving compatriots until future activation. Exhausted from the rigors of battle, Marvin was made new with a heavy dose of D'zynthia's beauty. As for the other events of this war triggered by D'zynthia's beauty, are they not written in the book of the annals of the kings of Missouri?

"Hello, Diz," Marvin strained to say.

Marvin held her hand, as she giggled at his comical display.

"Hello, my brave warrior. You fought so gallantly against all those terrible Viet Cong. My brother would be so proud," she whispered, still smiling as she caressed his hand.

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