Playground Cool

By Jamie Sinclair

Copyright 2011 Jamie Sinclair


Rhia sat downstairs in front of the television, waiting until he was asleep. This evening had been typical of recent evenings, culminating in a blazing row and him storming upstairs to bed, whiskey glass in hand. She had almost told him tonight, she’d been so mad. That would really have shut him up, but she’d held her temper, thank God. Despite their problems, despite what she’d done, she still loved him and didn’t want to see him hurt.

She went upstairs, making no effort to be particularly quiet; once he fell asleep he wouldn’t stir until morning. She threw a few things into an overnight bag and grabbed her make-up case from the bathroom, then stopped for a moment to watch him sleep. His dark, almost black hair, though cut short, still managed to stick up on one side. She smiled as his eyelids flickered.

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