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Smashwords Edition

Daddy's Dirty Little Virgin

She heard the door slam just before a deep rich baritone boomed up the stairs, “Hey Jennifer, are you up there?”

She smiled at the sound of his voice. She couldn’t help it. Her step-father always had that effect on her, even back when he was still married to her mom. Usually, her mom picked losers who ignored Jennifer and eventually left her mom when the money ran out. This man was different. He had treated her mom like a queen and taken his role as Jenny’s step-dad seriously. She was shocked when he started picking her up from high school, watching movies with her and even listening to her numerous complaints about her mother. Unfortunately, her mom didn’t appreciate him as much as Jennifer did. Instead, she cheated on him and their marriage lasted only one too-short year.

The day her mother moved them out was one of the saddest of Jennifer’s life.  She had been sure that her relationship with her stepfather was over, but he surprised her again. Even after her mom left him, he stayed in touch and every Thursday night remained movie night at his house, even though her mom was no longer part of the tradition.

“I’m up here Daddy! I’ll be right down,” she answered and took a deep steadying breath.

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