The Letter

By Sasha Gabriel

Copyright © 2011 Sasha Gabriel

ISBN: 978-1-4657-6337-2

Smashwords Edition

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Kelly heard the mail drop through her door slot. She loved these relaxing Saturdays.

She sighed… bills and a small letter tucked between the large statements. It was a plain envelope with no return address. Only her name and address, hand written in a strange swirled font that, for some reason, made her shiver.

She opened it:

In 8 days I will come for you. You will only see me then. 8 days.

There was no signature.

She crumpled it, the envelope and her confusion and threw them all in the trash.

Monday breezed through at work. Finally home, she picked up the mail and froze as she held another envelope with the hand written swirled font. She walked to the kitchen to throw it away, but stopped.

Just to make sure it was the same as the other one, she opened it.

In 6 days I will come for you. You will only see me then. 6 days.

Shaking slightly, she stuffed the letter back in the envelope, found the first one she threw away, put them in a top drawer and slammed it shut.

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