Divide and Take

BY: J. Collin

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ISBN 978-0-9878888-1-5 

Divide and Take: Smashwords Edition

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Chapter 1

The volume was more than a little high on the television. Larry Bachmann, an evangelical preacher, was holding his audience captive on the Sunday church program. He was talking about the harm of engaging in gay “activities” and trying to link dropping testosterone levels to an increase in gay men. The Evangelical stood in front of hundreds of people and a camera, leading the sinners out of darkness and making parishioners believe they were saved. In a strong and angry voice Bachmann asserted homosexuality is indeed a sin. The good news Larry offered was that being gay is one hundred percent curable. The only requirement was just to trust God and stop doing things simply meant to give pleasure. Bachmann was dressed in what I am guessing was an expensive suit talking about feeling close to God. He would raise his voice sometimes for dramatic effect, creating a backdrop of good and evil, for which there was no gray area. There was only an eternal struggle between God and the devil.

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