13th August (Saturday)

Jamie's Diary

I spotted this diary in Bargain Parade today. It was only twenty pence, or two for thirty pence. Mum said no one buys a diary in August because over half of the year has gone, but I talked her into buying two, one for me and one for her. Bargain Parade is in the town centre. It is one of my favourite shops. They sell all kinds of stuff, and everything is under a pound. Whenever we go to town we always go in Bargain Parade first. Mum calls it Tatt Parade because she doesn’t like it.

I tried to keep a diary when I was eight years old. Nothing much happens when you are eight, so I gave up after a couple of weeks. I think I still have that diary somewhere unless mum has thrown it away. If I don’t keep this diary up at least it didn’t cost me anything. I'm going to write in it every day, last thing at night.

I recently left Westlake Junior School. All of the teachers there were nice except for Mr Gray and Miss Tennyson. They were mean sometimes. I always got good marks at Westlake. The headmistress said I was one of her brightest pupils.

I start at Armthorpe School on the 5th of September. I’m a little worried about going to senior school. Mum said everyone is scared when they move to a new school. I expect the work will be more difficult at Armthorpe. Mum said I don’t have anything to worry about because I am clever. I will be doing a lot more subjects, including French. I don’t think I will ever go to France. My sister, Lesley, already goes to Armthorpe. She will be in the fourth year when I start there. She isn’t as clever as me. She doesn’t even know how to work a computer properly.

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