Mum bought me a new pencil case today. I wanted one with a picture of a tram on it, but we couldn’t find one. Mum said there isn’t much call for them. I ended up with a plain red one. Red is my favourite colour. Mum also bought new pencils, a ruler, a pencil sharpener and a protractor for me. I’m not sure what else I need to buy for the new school. Mum said Armthorpe will let us have a list. They had better be quick or it will be too late to buy everything.

We are going on holiday, to St Annes, next Saturday. I can’t wait. We will be staying in a flat on the promenade. St Annes is only a few miles from Blackpool. My main hobby is trams, especially Blackpool trams. I’ve been interested in them ever since I rode on one from the Pleasure Beach to the North Pier. That was three years ago. We’ve been back to St Annes every year since – twice last year. I love riding trams up and down the promenade in Blackpool. In the daytime you can see the beach and the sea. After dark you can see the illuminations. I like the open-top ones best, but mum won’t go on them because they ruin her hair. I’ve been on trams in Nottingham and Manchester. They were okay, but not as good as those in Blackpool. I’ve got lots of books and DVDs on trams, and I like to build models of them. I read a lot of the online forums about trams, but I never post messages. I might be able to get a pencil case, with a picture of a tram on it, from Blackpool.

This afternoon, I watched one of the DVDs which I bought last year from Blackpool. It was filmed from the top deck of the open top Streamliner 706 ‘Princess Alice’ tram as it travelled from Starr Gate to Fleetwood. I’ve watched it tons of times.


Angela's Diary

I’m not a big fan of diaries. I didn’t even have one when I was a teenager. Even so, I let Jamie talk me into buying two. He was very keen, and I thought it might be nice for him to keep one. Most kids would probably do it online these days. Jamie isn’t into all that social network stuff unlike his sister, who has to be prised away from Facebook. He said I should keep a diary too. I agreed to give it a go.

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