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Wonderful, witty, humorous writing

--The Romance Reader

KEEPSAKE.  It's not a hand-made quilt, or an ivory pin, or a pretty small box for treasures ....

It's the name of a postcard-perfect town in Connecticut.  From its quaint gazebo to its white-steepled church and village green, Keepsake is the kind of place most would love to call home.  It's home to Olivia Bennett, the town princess who has a charming shop there.  It was home once to Quinn Leary, the son of her family's gardener:  Quinn fled as a teenager with his father who was accused of a murder he didn't commit.  And Keepsake is home, still, to someone with mayhem on his mind.  When Quinn returns after an absence of seventeen years, he has one desire:  to prove his father's innocence.  It's not until he sees his childhood school rival, now a grown woman, that he realizes he harbors another but equally passionate desire--and that the two are tragically at odds.

"Antoinette Stockenberg is one hell of a writer.  KEEPSAKE lives up to its name:  it's a keeper.  The story is fast-paced and reflects a small New England town as few books do.  Olivia is a warm, intelligent heroine, and everyone will jump for joy after reading about Quinn."

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