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Objects In Mirror Are Closer

Than They Appear


Thomas J. Aron

Smashwords Edition Published by Thomas J. Aron

Copyright 2008 Thomas J Aron.

ISBN: 2010-03-31

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The heavy night had created a haunting crypt for the mind. It warped all perceptions, stole away precious freedom, and resurrected old memories long considered dead. Robert Anderson had been on watch. His overtaxed eyes were laded with a gritty residue that his tears could not cleanse. During the night he had begun to die. The darkness had produced a hundred forms of fear that had taken root in his soul.

The murderer, Edwin Blane Cromwell, Jr., had been cunning, calculating, and patient. He had not attacked in the dark. He was still out there, waiting.

The wounds to Robert’s spirit could not be hidden. The bathroom mirror now reflected an aura of decay about him. The cautious morning light had not eased his blinking nor had it exposed the man who was coming to slaughter him.

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