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101 Niche Marketing Topics

Gordon Burgett

Copyright © 2011 Gordon Burgett

Published by Smashwords

When I published the predecessor to Niche Publishing: Publish Profitably Every Time I failed to dwell at any length on what kind of niche topics work by publishing or by other information dissemination means. Instead, I focused on one topic, as an example, and developed it extensively.

To atone for that shortcoming (or choice) I then wrote a report called “100 Topics for a Niche Marketed Book.” That, in turn, became part of a subsequent book, Niche Marketing for Writers, Speakers, and Entrepreneurs (which is now, alas, sold out and thus out of print).

Because that segment of the Niche Marketing book was so well received, I’m reproducing (and slightly updating) it here, mostly in response to help many newcomers to the field who, for the life of them, can't seem to think of a niche topic or title that they think “will sell.” So what follows is not only plagiarized from me, I suspect it is triply replagiarized!

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