It's three years later: Isiah maintains his unrelenting quest and Alan Baxter maintains the pacing and surprises that are his signature. Not to mention the ever-darkening mood of doom and menace. Don't let fear of Yath-vados stand between you and a great read! Van Ikin, Editor ‘Science Fiction’

MageSign and RealmShift are difficult to pin to any particular genre. They both have fantastic qualities, they are horrific at times, they involve mythology and mythical characters, and possible alternate histories; they are hard to put a label to, much like Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys.MageSign is a great addition by Alan Baxter, and I highly recommend it. William Estep,

It was Lovecraft who once noted “the gods are far away, and they are forgetful.” But in MageSign, Alan Baxter takes it one step further. Yes, the gods are far away, but it is humanity that is forgetful. This complex and intriguing sequel to RealmShift continues the story of Isiah, an angel-assassin under the command of The Balance... Though a sequel, MageSign stands on its own as an exciting tale of the supernatural. Baxter does an excellent job bringing readers up to speed on the back story so that they can follow along without feeling something is missing ... readers are left with a fast paced supernatural adventure that will leave them rethinking how they view the Cosmos. Fans of modern fantasy will enjoy the unique world crafted by Baxter. MageSign pulls together a variety of fantasy elements to deliver an entertaining supernatural adventure with a bittersweet conclusion. Bards & Sages

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