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Return to a dark realm of speculative fiction. Alan Baxter follows up his dark fantasy thriller RealmShift with another foray into a dark world of demons and danger in MageSign ... a gritty tale of blood rituals, mystery, and mysticism. In Isiah, Baxter has crafted a memorable character due to his unique gifts, his toughness, and his attitude. It's not often you read a book in which the main character comes face-to-face with Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammad and casually refers to them as “morbid bastards.” Baxter's knowledge of martial arts comes through as well in masterful fight scenes. Underpinning the entire story is Baxter's unique, if controversial take on spirituality and the nature of gods and reality. MageSign grabs hold of the reader and doesn't let go. If you like your fantasy dark and dirty, this book is for you. David Wood, author of DOURADO and CIBOLA

Acclaim for REALMSHIFT

... a gripping, thought-provoking tale that evokes a strong response within the reader, both on an emotional and an intellectual level. It is a dark fantasy that takes the reader on both an adventure-filled ride, but also a spiritual exploration... Action abounds in this thriller... Baxter’s prose is better than many in the genre... consistently solid and well-crafted... I found it a gritty, entertaining read that made me think. If you like your speculative fiction a little on the dark side, RealmShift is for you. David Wood, author of Dourado and Cibola

Twice, ensconced in a tram, reading this tale, I missed my stop... Alan Baxter introduces us to a mystical world, a shadowed realm with forces beyond comprehension or principle... Baxter writes with conviction; he writes differently rather well. Physical and dimensional conflict is one of the best features of the tale. Effortless script makes gullible the reader... Prose flows smoothly, almost poetic. RealmShift is a novel I am loath to put down. A most surprising read. Quite a ride. Eugen M Bacon, TCM Reviews

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