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Denning Swamp – A Ghost Story

John T. Gaffield

Published by John T. Gaffield at

Copyright 2011 John T. Gaffield

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The din from crickets and frogs from the nearby swamp echoed in Jack’s room through the open window. He stared at the ceiling from his bed, unable to fall asleep for some unknown reason. Beads of sweat accumulated on his brow from the heat. Suddenly a high pitched wail pierced through the other noises from outside. Startled, he slowly sat up in bed and gazed toward the window. Since the sound had an echo, it likely was not too close to the house. With no moon and cloudy skies that night, there was not much to see outside other than rough forms of dark gray and black. He slowly closed his eyes to focus on sounds. Save the occasional low pitch croak from a bullfrog, the noise was fairly constant. He was able to calm down.

A louder lower pitch howl jolted him again. Not as muffled as the first sound, it was apparently closer. Something strange could be heard over the ambient sounds. It was similar to footsteps, but almost like someone sloshing through mud. The slow cadence gradually got louder. Was it approaching the house? At the point the sound seemed to be emanating just outside his open window, it stopped. He tried to listen very close despite the croaks and the pulsating blood flowing through his ears. He did not hear any similar sounds. With his heart rate steadily returning to normal, he lay down again and stared at the ceiling.

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