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The Walk Back

Mark Graham

Copyright Mark Graham 2011

Published by Mark Graham at Smashwords

Amanda walked along the small path, feeling the small rocks crunch under her shoes. Huge dark clouds sprawled lazily across the night sky. The moon was huge - silvery and fat. Brian walked beside her, not close enough for her liking. This was their third date and he still believed he was being a gentleman by keeping his distance. They hadn't even held hands yet.

I swear. If that boy doesn't make a move soon... She told herself. She'd worn a sexy little red dress to show off her respectable cleavage and caught him staring so she knew he was interested but he had odd notions of how a man should act. She would have given up by now but he was such an adorable little geek and genuinely a humorous caring guy. Slightly scrawny for her tastes but she had ideas of how to fatten him up. If only she could get him to come inside when he dropped her off...

She walked ahead of him slightly to give him a good look at her ass as she walked. She cooked her own meals and ate well but also kept in shape; she was particularly proud of her classical curves. She just wished she could've worn her heels instead of just her flats. She loved the way her calf muscles looked in high heels.

"Brian, check this tree out! I think... Brian?" She stopped to look back. Brian was doubled over on his knees, gasping for breath. "Brian! Are you okay?" His whole body was shaking and he had his hands under him, clutching his stomach.

"Brian...?" He looked up at her and she gasped. His eyes were a jade green color now when she knew they were normally dark brown. As she watched, the pupils dilated and then flexed, turning vertically oval. His face was a mask of pain.

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