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All That Glitters

Stacey James

Copyright 2011 Stacey James

Smashwords Edition

All That Glitters

The constant ring of the cash register kept almost perfect time with the joyous holiday tunes playing overhead in Glitter Department store, on just five glorious evenings before Christmas. Sales meant profits.

“Don’t you ever wish you could afford such frivolities?” asked Patty Frost prudently, a former classmate of the mousy haired girl behind the cosmetic counter. “I mean, you’ve worked here for what, five years now. Right out of high school I believe?” Her tone was as snobbish as she was, Ivy Bloom thought silently as she counted back petty change for the $200 purchase. Patty had married well, Ivy noted, as the lavish blonde sauntered back to the other rich bitches.

“Oh, don’t you worry, Patty. Tonight will be my last evening at Glitter. I’ve got plans,” Ivy managed a thin-lipped smile, but she was sincere. Her blue eyes sparkled like the sapphires in the jewelry case. The group of women about town looked over at Ivy before discreetly sharing a laugh from a small table nearby.

The holiday party was in full swing now and all twenty guests had arrived, summonsed by a limousine paid for by Glitter Department Store. Each was a prized patron. The mood was festive and giddy. A tall slender man in a black tuxedo and teeny black bowtie filled fluted glasses with champagne around the room filled with “important” people.

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