When solving a problem, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves”. - Anthony J D’Angelo

It’s taken me a long time to figure out all of the things that you’re about to read. It wasn’t easy for me but I want it to be easy for you. I want to save you the pain, the trouble and the effort I went through and convey information that I believe will be pivotal to your life. When I was diagnosed I was sat down with a councillor and she asked “so what areas do you need help?” I said, “I don’t know, I thought you were supposed to tell me!” I didn’t even know what ASD was and all I got told was a vague, unclear and ill-defined restatement of the symptoms because there is no disease, as such, of autism. All of this can make someone highly confused from being told of Aspergers without adequate information about what it really is.

The reason it is so confusing is that it is a symptomatic label, there are just unexplained symptoms manifested, and if a person displays enough of them they will receive the label. Most early reading mentions the term PDD NOS, pervasive development disorder not otherwise specified. Terrific! What does that even mean? It seems to imply that you can be affected in any and every possible way. There is nothing solid or specific enough to really understand. I couldn’t believe that there was no solid answer about what it was, what caused it and what to do about it. Without that stuff, it seems like a pointless negative label.

Then once you have a name, the subject is made even more complex by the fact that there is an entire continuum of labels related to autism all of which varies from person to person. The terms are broad and generic and there are no black and white answers, just a label. Once you have a label this can become the source of attention and feeling and just adds fuel to a fire. The very act of Aspergers diagnosis seemed pretty pointless to me. I’m sure diagnosis creates many limiting beliefs surround the words social, emotional, restricted and repetitive. None of which is a remotely helpful influence to your mental programming.

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