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Home is where the Heart is

by Raymond Boyd Dunn

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Raymond Dunn

It is an old but wise saying that the home is where the heart is.

It matters not whether it is a four-roomed shack with detached kitchen at the rear, where my grandparents raised eleven children, or a small two-bedroom Queenslander with sleep-out where I spent my childhood, or a modern day four bedroom dwelling with two toilets and DLUG; with fans, air-con and all the other mod cons that we find so necessary these days.

Home is where the heart is - and the heart of any home is the mother.

Who does the young child call for in the middle of the night after a terrifying nightmare? Who does it cry for when hurt? Who does the young soldier, dying on the battlefield call for in his last moments? Who supplies the comfort we need in times of trial or emotional stress? Who is always there when we need her? Who is it whose love is always there no matter what? The Mother! Everything in the home revolves around the mother. She is the one who makes a house a Home.

Of course, everyone else in the family contributes to making a home. The father plays an important part in providing security and love for the whole family. He leads by example in instilling the values of morality and codes of conduct that he hopes the young ones will follow. But the Mother is the rock; and Love is the tie that binds the whole family together. And with love comes happiness, another important ingredient in creating a refuge from the disappointments of the modern world. Without love and happiness a home becomes meaningless.

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