The Wars Within by Jaime McDougall

The Old Bookshop by Julie Elizabeth Powell

Scale of a Dragon by J. Michael Radcliffe

Counting Blessings Along the Horseshoe Canyon by Sharon E. Cathcart

Eve & Ian’s New Love Life by Cynthia Meyers-Hanson

Laundry Day by Stacy Juba

The Day the Lights Went Out by Cliff Ball

Winter Blues

by Maria Savva

Copyright © Maria Savva

For as far back as she could remember, Adele had suffered, on and off, from a lack of motivation, feelings of anxiety, tiredness, mood swings, and a general sense of depression. Years ago, her doctor had thought she was run-down and advised her to take a few weeks off work. It didn’t help. The following year, her doctor said she could be suffering from a virus, then the year after that he said she might be a manic-depressive; he prescribed some pills: they didn’t work. Over the years, she had been for countless examinations and tests, scans and X-rays, all of which revealed that nothing was wrong with her. Finally,Adele was diagnosed as a S.A.D. syndrome sufferer: “Seasonal Affective Disorder”.

What does that mean?’ she asked her G.P., bracing herself for the news that she had a terminal illness.

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