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Emmy winner Genie Francis contrasts GH and Y&R in an interview with Michael Fairman’s On Air, On Soaps

Translation: Y&R just alienates their entire audience.

I want to cut the 50-year cake — even if I have to do it in my living room. This is a medium in which I write for the next eight months and that spins off into another eight months worth of scripts and stories. You can’t do this job and think about an ending. (Writing for a soap is) like unstringing Christmas tree lights. Once you straighten it all out, you have a long line of (stories) going all over the place. It’s (easy to) just tell the stories, have fun and see where it goes. I don’t think about it ending ... Am I writing (in the shadow of) the Great White Shark, Katie Couric? No. I have stories for at least a couple of years down the line. Even if we do the best show ever every day, if no one is watching, it does not matter. Business people see how many people are watching and who is watching. That's what it comes down to.”

Head writer Garin Wolf on the future of GH in an interview with

Translation: If you believe all of that, I have a Port Charles bridge to sell you.

There was nothing wrong with the storylines or the cast. It was the cost and nobody could change that. But it’s been 42 wonderful years, and how many people have that? I can’t complain too much.”

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