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Praise for John F.X. Sundman’s Acts of the Apostles

Winner of the Writer’s Digest National Self Published Book Award

Acts of the Apostles is the fin de siecle techno-thriller novel. It is an incredible read. In it a nightmare of nanotechnology and genetic manipulation of uncomfortable believability unfolds before us, the equal if not better of any work by any seasoned big name writer in this genre. As a first novel, its craftsmanship is quite beyond accounting. Author John F. X. Sundman has written a magnificent work of literature, and has simultaneously made a bold ethical statement about the inexorable but blind quest of science, the technological hubris that feeds off of it, and freedom of the individual mind that is threatened by it.

— John Jurek, Midwest Book Review

This book is four kinds of good. First, it is a good fictional illustration of the nanotechnology fears that Bill Joy was writing about in his famous Wired article, “Why the future doesn’t need us”. . Second, and more importantly, it is a good international conspiracy suspense action thriller (not easy to do); Third, it is somewhat of a roman a clef, which provides extra entertainment as you compare its fictional world with the real world. And fourth, it is a very intelligent satire as well, reminiscent of the Terry Southern of Dr. Strangelove.

—The Luddite Reader

A classy IT thriller… a page turner. . . Sundman does not rely solely on his fast paced action and brilliant thrills to engage the reader. He wins the reader of Acts of the Apostles with finely developed characters.

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