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Perfect justice requires perfect people to apply it. MAGGIE.

A revolution is an opinion backed by bayonets.NAPOLEON.

I intend no modification of my oft-expressed personal wish that all men everywhere could be free.ABRAHAM LINCOLN.

WE were young folk then, and chasing our dreams in a new land, me and Jeremy .On his cramped twenty acres beside the river, Jeremy's ambition was grandiose for a colonial cocky.

He wanted to grow potatoes and wheat for the army in India, an ocean away. Full of lofty ideas was Jeremy, some of them foolish, most of them impossible under the rule of the Swan River Masters.

Those first settlers, an established clique, made sure the best holdings went to their favourites, and this ruled out a capable country lad not of the gentry. It also ruled out the indigenous tribes who had lived here since the Dreamtime of old. Forty thousand years in fact.

Now we were well into 1836, two years after the Noongars were massacred at Pinjarra in the south-western wilderness, and the dream for me remained the winning of justice. True justice, justice for all, highborn or low, master or servant, whiteskin or black. Apart from the blacks, this had been the compelling ideal of our founder James Stirling. It inspired him to create Swan River Colony at this far end of the world. Instead, we got tyranny.

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