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A Camp Edson Christmas

By Cynthia Davis

Copyright © 2007, 2011 Greenroom Books

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Christina Brannigan sighed as she shuffled through the scraps of stray reindeer antlers, red noses and tattered ears. Who knew eight children could generate a two-inch accumulation of paper waste in under an hour?

The table didn’t look much better. Gobs of glue and glitter clung heavily to the areas surrounding the campers’ chairs. A couple paper vowels and a handful of consonants covered the table where the kid with the thick glasses sat. He’d shredded his reindeer pattern into strips, forming oversized letters which he rearranged throughout the entire craft session. Surveying the state of the tiny craft cabin, Christina sank into the nearest folding chair and dropped her head to the table.

“Thanks for craft time. I wish I could stay here all day.”

Christina bolted upright, peeling a glue-smeared antler from her left cheek. She started to respond to the snot-nosed 8-year-old with knotted hair and a lazy eye, but her “you’re welcome” trailed into a drawn out “umm…” as she scrambled to remember the kid’s name.

“Faith,” the girl supplied, wiping her entire forearm across her nose as she backed against the door.

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