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God Consciousness

By Kate Everson

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2011 Kate Everson

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There is a place beyond time and space that is the meaning of all existence. Strangely enough, it is closer than the end of your nose.

God consciousness means we are one with God. We are conscious of that Presence in our daily lives. There is no moment when we are apart from Him.

To get to that place requires one thing, and one thing only. Surrender.

Our ego must surrender unconditionally to the highest aspect of our own being. Spirituality must be as important as taking a breath. Without it we have no life.

What have you got to lose? Everything and nothing. You give up what is finite. You gain what is infinite. The exchange is marvellous.

Behind you right now where you are sitting is a Light being, an invisible spirit. That Being is yours alone. It is here watching over you. It has been with you from birth.

Can you feel it? Stop and listen. Hear it. The sound is comforting. It sounds like a tingling in the left ear, a high vibration that is not quite sound, but inside you.

I can feel it. I am surrounded by a cocoon of white light. Can you feel it too?

There is a wind outside, moving the trees. I step to my window and look out. Branches sway to and fro. I look up and there are stars. The night is black. It is the new moon and a time of new beginnings. I want to begin now.

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