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Can you?

Stop. Listen. There is someone with you right now. It is watching you. Every move you make, every thought, is known. There are no secrets. There is no shame. Everything is already known. And forgiven. You are loved unconditionally.

You are inside the cocoon and the presence of white light is all around you. It radiates into you. Can you feel it?

There is a power greater than you, much greater. And yet that same power is with you all the time. There is no separation.

Feel it now.

Feel the vibration all around you. It is more than energy, more than light, greater than you will ever know. Yet it is yours to keep.

Restore that energy to a strong place inside you where it was once known. Do you remember?

You were young then, very young, barely able to think or speak a whole sentence. That energy was with you then. It made you feel light. It made you laugh. It smiled when you did.

That presence is yours to recapture.

Begin now.

Breathe it in. Breathe into your heart. Smile. There is no doubt. It is simple. It breathes with you. It breathes out, yet is not gone. The smile is forever.

Where is hope? It is in your remembrance.

Let go. Let it all go. The world, the people, the past. Remember when life was innocence and pure joy. Let go of everything else. Everything.

I am.


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