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The Secrets of 9s

Leah Cutter

Copyright © 2011 by Leah Cutter

This version published by Knotted Road Press

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The Secrets of 9s


Alexis lived in the bottom of a teacup, swimming between the dregs, swallowing other people’s fortunes. The sharp points of her hair flared like a crown of thorns and matched both the diamond tips of her nails and her ruby-encrusted incisors. A white film spread across her amethyst eyes, as she grew bloated on tasseomancy. Finally she had to vomit, regurgitating what she’d witnessed amid the jasmine and drown leaves.

Tess listened carefully for that soft gurgling, holding the impossibly fine green porcelain to her ear, telling her clients to hush yet again as the delicate tales poured out. It wasn't a pure fortune, but Tess wasn't pure herself. A matching white clouded her eyes, covering irises as blue as a summer morning. She let the whispered rumors of cataracts stand, not speaking of the drugs, dreams and power she'd stolen to achieve her unseeing state.

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