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Girl In Motion

By Stacey James

Copyright 2011 Stacey James

Smashwords Edition

Stella Monday, Girl In Motion

By Stacey James

The warm Carolina sun cheered in the early morning sky as Stella Monday drove the moving truck across town as if it were an Army tank. She’d spent a good part of the evening before packing up the meager belongings of her boyfriend, Noah Parks. Soon to be ex-boyfriend, she reminded herself as she steered the truck to the side of the quiet neighborhood street.

I want this to be a surprise. Stella mumbled to herself while searching the small manicured yard for Noah’s Harley. Or, to be more factual, the Harley she purchased for him on his last birthday. A gift. She fingered the key inside her jean’s pocket and allowed a smirk to grow in the corners of her mouth as she strode past it on the way to the front door. It was parked without much thought to it being discovered by a suspicious girlfriend.

Before knocking, Stella drew in a deep breath. She wasn’t nervous or angry. Instead, she felt liberated. Unbeknownst to Noah, she’d received a letter from her late father’s lawyers. He had been a true rebel if ever there was one. His detective agency was now hers. The timing of Noah’s infidelity was perfect timing, if there could be such a thing.

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