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The Continuation of the Legend

Across Heaven the note blew into the realm of the Darkness.

And into the in the clutch of the female twin of the creator, the note read ‘Use this one wisely’.

She felt the cold blast of the winter of Heaven across her face. She tucked the note inside her tunic next to her heart and smiled to herself.

“I will…” She laughed as she turned and headed deeper into the darkness.

The days grew cold in Heaven, but Lucifer still tended his duties keeping the border safe from unwanted intrusions from the dark. On this occasion he patrolled with both his young lieutenants, Dagon and Michael.

A group of deposed dark angels was watching from the fringes as they passed. They hissed their displeasure long after Lucifer had gone, but still in earshot of Michael.

He spun and drew his weapon.

“What was it you wished to say? Say it loud so we all can hear.”

The gang didn’t speak up, but didn’t back away either. They began making their way towards the solitary angel so he could hear their advance.

Lucifer had already moved ahead out of sight along with Dagon, Michael was alone in the presence of several of these malcontents.

Michael faced the barrier between the Light and the Dark holding his sword in a somewhat confused defensive posture not knowing exactly where his enemies were. They were behind the wall of darkness that he couldn’t see through. He spoke in a commanding voice though to ward off his would be attackers.

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