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The continuation of the Legend….

The band returned to playing as they began dragging Mot’s semi-conscious body from the ring. Dagon followed behind feeling very apologetic. He had never come so close to losing and never swung with such voracity that it scared him. The crowd noise increased with the music and the screams of the bettors.

Moloch gave Lucifer an angry stare; he didn’t like the ‘Chronis’ comment.

Lucifer was unmoved by the old god’s threat.

“Do really think you can pull that same stunt twice?” Lucifer admonished him as he accepted another Ambrosia from his favorite waitress.

Moloch thought better of his attitude, Lucifer was a learning machine. He had made him that way.


“OK, tell me about your Earth…”


Gabriel was summoned before the Godhead.

Michael was with him when Aeon delivered the news.

“Gabriel, you have been summoned before the Godhead…” Aeon gave Michael a passing glance as if he was less than important. Michael felt slighted by the disrespect.

Gabriel bowed in his superior’s presence.

“I will be there directly my Lord.”

Aeon nodded in acknowledgement before leaving.

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