The Pendant

The first installment of the Koru’th Series

Becky A. Bourland

Copyright 2010 by Becky A. Bourland

Smashwords Edition

Book One: The Pendant
Book Two: Rise of Mauvais (Coming Summer 2012)


Meika (Mee-kuh)

Koru’th (kor-ooth)

Shay (Sh-aay)

Leil (Leel)

Mauvais (M-ow-vaa-s)


The rock sealed itself behind him as they forced him through. He turned and pounded his fist against the stone, but it was no use. Marooned! How dare they do this to him! Turning his back to the wall, Clavel faced the mouth of the cave. It was cold here and he shivered. Something he’d done, maybe, once in his lifetime. The ground outside was covered with a fluffy, white substance. Snow – he had heard of such a thing, but had never before seen it. He stepped out of the cave, his boots crunching with each step, and glanced at the surroundings. There was nothing but snowy mountains to be seen for miles.
“WHY?!” he bellowed into the crisp open expanse, receiving only the echo of his own voice as a reply. His breathing became hard and heavy, his chest felt tight. Were these tears coming to his eyes? He was hardly a feeling man, he’d never cried a day in his life – that he could remember.

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