In Bolton, Ontario, Deanna and Daniel Johnson have been struggling through their own personal identity crises. Together in their plight, yet separated by their own pain, they each have been seeking a link to the lives they left behind as Denise Luco and Lance Naughton. While Deanna has become ever more mired in the Deanna Johnson personality, Daniel has been investigating the zombie attacks that cost him his reputation and his position on the police force. Enlisting the aid of his friend, Trip Fevreaux, Daniel has been hoping that technology will work to his advantage and point him in the right direction. But in his shortsighted haste, he has given Trip the key to unlocking his Lance Naughton identity.


Sheriff Jerry Lemmon leaned up against his squad car and smoked a cigarette. To his left and his right were other cars and trucks, all carrying men who would help Lemmon if things went bad. He didn’t expect any trouble, but there was a shotgun was on the hood of the car just in case. He was waiting just beyond the entrance to the campground. About forty or fifty feet away stood a line of bungalows. There were seven in view and then another seven behind the first. A single path led up to the horizontal walk, which could take a person to each and every one of the small cottages. Beyond that were the trees, the hiking trails, and the campsites. It had been three days since anyone had gone back there and four days since anyone had come out.

At the end of the line of cars and trucks, a dirt track led out to the main road. It was narrow, just wide enough for two small cars to pass side by side but only wide enough for one real car. There was some scrub and trees behind the sheriff, but nothing nearly as thick as the forest behind the bungalows. He had a couple of men hiding in the scrub. They were doing a poor job of it, but that didn’t really matter. They were insurance. Jerry didn’t like the deal he was about to make. The whole of it made his skin crawl, but he was out of options. No more of his men were going into that deathtrap.

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