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An Alien Abduction for Christmas: A Short Story

A Short Story by Jonathan Brett

Published by Jonathan Brett at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Jonathan Brett

It was the week before Christmas, and in the warmth of the house, Mary was planning on ruining the quiet day of her spouse.

Clive sat in his favorite chair pecking away on his laptop, probably organizing a spreadsheet for their Christmas card list. His chair faced the fire. Mary’s computer was on its stand to her left, and she saw that he also had something running there, too. It was their son’s Christmas list.

How many eight-year-olds had a spreadsheet for their Christmas list that was also alphabetized and cross-referenced? That boy was truly his father’s son.

“Clive,” Mary said as she hobbled into the room. “Why is Aidan’s Christmas list on my computer?”

“I think he was editing it before he got distracted,” Clive said without looking up.

Mary bit her lip. She watched his blue eyes scan his spreadsheet and saw that his hair was a little messed up. He planned on spending a quiet Saturday at home, and she planned to ruin that.

Mary decided that downplaying the difficulty of the mission was probably best. She cleared her throat.

“I need a favor,” she said quickly.

He rolled his eyes.

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