Acknowledgments? Where do I start? There has been so much help from so many. My husband Bob supplied the necessary encouragement, reading each draft for me and laughing in just the right places. So did friend and librarian Linda Knox. Tom Emory also contributed his special expertise as a former journalist AND stockbroker and dear friend.

Acknowledgments must also include: Bob Killebrew, from whom I learned so much about money management over the years; Dorsey Yearley, whose integrity and intelligence I observed and absorbed because I was fortunate enough to sit next to him during my first years as a stockbroker; and Jim Price, who can put a complicated financial concept into an understandable story with ease and honesty. These men, among the finest gentlemen and scholars the investment business has to offer, were my teachers and mentors over the (now) nearly twenty years since I, like Kitt, entered the investment world as a financial neophyte. I’ll never be able to thank them enough for their contribution to my investment education, which led to the writing of this book.

And, finally, I acknowledge with thanks my dear daughter Betsy Brennen who, with her husband Bob, named our first little granddaughter “Kit,” thus beginning this tale in my head; editor and publisher Bruce Bortz, who appreciated that story, guided me through its development, and saw it to fruition; Barbara Jacobs, who suggested that I write this book in the first place; and Mary Park, who put me in touch with Bancroft Press.

By the way, all the characters in this book are fictional, and live only in my imagination (and I hope yours).

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