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“How A Hero Overcomes”

Maxwell Avoi

Copyright 2011 by Maxwell Avoi

Smashwords Edition

How a Hero Overcomes”

By Maxwell Avoi

Copyright 2011 by Maxwell Avoi

Jamie swore in colorful language as she took cover behind an overturned bench. Ice rained down on her, gradually covering the area and making the floor slick. She had her fire going as hot as she could get it but her opponent was really pouring it on. Jamie peeked out to see if she could find her target.

The woman creating the ice laughed, her hands raised and her feet planted firmly on top of a short pedestal that she’d created out of the ambient moisture. Her tight, silvery uniform might have been distracting if Jamie had been a guy, but as it was, the villain known as Cold Snap was just pissing her off. Cold Snap’s allies went on calmly looting the laboratory behind her, confident that she could keep Wildfire pinned down. The hell of it was, they seemed to be right. Jamie was vulnerable to cold temperatures, and while she could use her internal fires to compensate, there wasn’t much left over to allow her to fight.

Aegis!” she yelled into her comm. “Where the HELL are you guys?”

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