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Bonny Lhotka

David J. Bookbinder

Nadia Salamah

Jane Davenport

Don Relyea

Digital Art Guild

Editorial 01

Welcome to the first volume of Digital ImageMaker International in its latest incarnation.

DIMi has now been through three incarnations: as a PDF only magazine, as a website and now as a combination website/ebook/print edition. It has been an interesting journey so far and appears certain to continue that way into the future. It seems appropriate that a publishing effort about digital art making processes and results should change and morph as the technology allows.

The iPad has been a game changer. As is often typical of Apple, it was not the first tablet, but by bringing together an over-riding sense of integrated design and no compromise minimalism, THE tablet emerged. By itself the iPad is not perfect. A USB port would be handy, as would an expansion memory card port. And the screen shows fingerprints all too well. Nor is the App Store perfect. Why can’t we legally run an app on our iPhone 3Gs to provide roaming Internet for our WiFi-only iPad, for example? But the App Store has done more to make non-tech users comfortable about buying, downloading and installing apps because of Apple’s tight control and approval process than anyone else has, so far. Would many of us feel as secure doing so on an uncontrolled Marketplace?

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