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This ancient labyrinth had been concealed beneath the protective desert sands for thousands of years. It had come to be known as the Necropolis of Anubis, a remarkable city of the dead which had once served the surrounding primitive people as a resting place for their loved ones.

Now it had been re-discovered, and was proving to contain much valuable information for those interested in the ancient history and hidden past of the Egyptian people of the region.

As the team moved slowly down to their destination, they passed numerous burial chambers and countless bodies, carefully entombed and sealed off in the walls of the caves and passageways around them. Most of these were common people, greatly loved and carefully laid to rest by their families and friends, yet common and simple people nonetheless.

Today, the members of the excavation team spoke excitedly to one another about the tomb's most recent discovery. Only a week before, the crypt of an ancient warrior, apparently a man of great importance, had been found. The crypt was remarkably well preserved, and promised a wealth of information for those examining it. This particular discovery had the potential to be one of the greatest archaeological finds of the past few decades.

Caught up in discussion about the work that lay ahead, the workers and scientists did not see the tall, attentive man who lurked in the shadows, following them as they descended deeper and deeper into the caverns. He had been observing their actions for a long time now, waiting to see if they would uncover the thing he was looking for, an artifact which he had been seeking for what seemed to him an eternity.

He was quickly beginning to lose patience. For months he had been containing his anger and biding his time, letting these fools perform the work of clearing out these chambers for him, but their work was moving along much too slowly. They were taking meticulous care not to disrupt or damage the things that they examined, but he cared nothing about preserving ancient history.

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